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Sighted Guide Techniques

The use of a sighted/human guide by visually impaired people is a quick and easy way to get from place to place safely. This is a quick tutorial with specific techniques for being a sighted guide. Ask first As the sighted guide, first offer the visually impaired person assistance.  Ask if assistance is as a… Read more »

Doctor Speak Blog Series

Doctor Speak: Give Your Eyes Some Love

How can you show your eyes some love?  February is a great time to show your eyes some TLC.   Patients often ask me how they can protect their eyes.  So here are my top 7 ways to care for your eyes. #1  Eye Protection –  Wear eye protection when doing yard work, using power… Read more »

Thanksgiving Table

3 Things To Do for Your Low Vision Loved One on Thanksgiving

  Simple Changes You Can Make on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a day when we get together with our friends and family and share great food, joy and harmony. Right? Ok, maybe it’s not always joy and harmony, and sometimes the turkey is a bit dry. But, while I can’t keep Uncle Bob from talking about… Read more »