7 Things to Expect at the Tacoma Vision Fair in February

February might be known as the month of love but it’s also a month dedicated to spreading awareness about low vision and macular degeneration. 


To do our part, we’re bringing you the first in-person Hope Vision Foundation event of the year – the Tacoma Vision Fair! This is the perfect event for people with low vision or vision loss, family members, caregivers, or anyone who engages with people with vision less. 


We’ll spend the day together learning about vision loss and practical ways to continue a life of love, joy, and ease!


Here’s what you can expect:


  • Expert information 

 Learn accurate information about low vision and blindness from industry experts who will be there to connect with you, answer your questions, and provide the most recent information on resources and services available to people with visual impairments and their families or caregivers. 


  • Sign up for services 

We will have booths and tables where you can learn more and sign up for services.


  • Free vision screening 

Are you at risk for vision loss? Local ophthalmologists will be on-sight to provide you with free vision screenings so you can have the most up to date information on your vision.


  • TEDTalk-style conferences and workshops

A series of conferences on all things vision including magnification, transportation, accessing special resources, and mental health information from the experts. Plus, get the most recent information on the local, state and national benefits, services and rights for people with vision loss/low vision and their caregivers.


  • Experience the latest access-technology products

This is why we love in-person events so much! At the fair you can try out newly-released low-vision aids, home adaptations and see demonstrations on the latest tech and styles. 


  • Guidelines and techniques to support people with low vision

Learn Human guide techniques and demonstrations and Human guide practice.


One of the biggest benefits of coming to the Tacoma Vision Fair is the community you can meet. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with others experiencing vision loss and hear their stories of struggle, triumph and inspiration. 


What did community-member, Joan, have to say about her experience at our previous workshops?


 “It was so impactful to be surrounded by such skilled and warm members of your family and the vision loss community. Thank you all for your kindness to all of us that so positively impacted my dad’s life. It gave us hope and courage and understanding that we were not alone.”


And in case you’re wondering – the fair is free!


We hope you spread the love and bring your family, friends, pets – everyone! If you’re not able to attend, please share this event with people you believe would benefit. 


Event Details

Date: February 26th, 2021

Time: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Location: Asian Pacific Cultural Center

Cost: Free

Meal: Light breakfast and lunch


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