About Us

About Us

Based in the Washington South Sound area, Hope Vision Foundation serves over 40,000 people suffering from low vision. Only 2% of Low Vision patients seek vision rehabilitation due to barriers including; awareness, difficulty accessing services and training, the costs of care and devices, and anxiety and depression. Hope Vision Foundation is here to help by providing individualized resource connections and education services for visually impaired patients and their care partners.

Founded in April, 2017, our mission is to empower people with permanent vision loss to live their best lives. Hope Vision Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers patients with low vision and blindness.  By improving access to caregiver education, low vision resources and adaptive aids, we empower patients to regain their independence and improve their quality of life.

We know that excellent eye care and awareness go hand-in-hand.  Because of this, we work with local public and private organizations to provide vision education to the community. 

We have partnered with local Libraries and Community centers in 2018 and 2019. In 2020 will are working with Pierce County Aging and Disability Services and local Lions Clubs. We also had our first Intern from the WA State Division of Services for the Blind OTC. 

See our calendar for upcoming events.

  • Meet our Board
    Erin Seefeldt, MD: President
    As an ophthalmologist, Erin Seefeldt has spent her life working to protect, restore, and preserve vision. Within her career, it was always difficult for her to tell a patient that there is nothing more that they can do medically or surgically to restore the patient’s vision. Thanks to Hope Vision Foundation, Erin is able to give patients with vision loss the tools that they need to maximize their vision.
    Patrick Munson, MD: Vice President
    Patrick Munson became an ophthalmologist after his own experiences with poor vision as a child and temporary vision loss due to an injury. While those conditions were correctable, Patrick never forgot how debilitating even small amounts of vision loss can be to a person’s independence, happiness, and overall sense of self. At Hope Vision Foundation, Patrick works hard to promote eye health and preserve vision.
    Don Felthouse, Veteran and Vision Rehab Specialist
    For nearly 50 years, Don Felthouse has selflessly served his country, fellow Veterans, and the blind community, impacting countless lives. Don’s greatest strengths lie in his ability for compassion, his “out of the box" way of thinking and teaching, as well as his incredible ability to work with people across all walks of life. He has always served selflessly, working long hours, with always a “yes, I’ll be right there!” at the ready, making him a wonderful asset at Hope Vision Foundation.
    Linda Wilder
    Linda lost her vision at age 28 and began her journey of education, employment and self-confidence. Linda is a retired national certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, where she directly promoted the independence of others who are blind or visually impaired. Linda served on several local committees dedicated to the independence of, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. She has served on the Inter-Agency Committee of State Employed Women, and the State Rehabilitation Council.
    David Rumer, MSEd
    David Rumer has worked in education and rehabilitation for people with low vision for over 15 years. He was inspired to join this field while volunteering as a downhill ski guide for the blind in college. Being married to someone who is legally blind, David has a passion for his field as he experiences blindness on a personal level. He is a certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS), Low Vision Therapist (CLVT), Computer Access Technology Instructional Specialist (CATIS) and Teacher of the Visually Impaired.
  • Our Team Members
    Genevieve Rodgers
    Genevieve Rodgers knows first hand of the profound impact of vision loss, after dealing with the diagnosis of her son’s permanent disability and his vision problems. While Genevieve has been fortunate to have had help from family and friends, many have not been so fortunate. Thanks to Hope Vision Foundation, she is able to make an impact on the lives of people and families struggling with vision loss, so that they can have a brighter future.
    Christianne Sobieski
    Christianne Sobieski has lived in the Seattle area for the last 20 years. She has been visually impaired with low vision since 2013. Christi graduated from OTC with the WA State Department of Services for the Blind in February 2020. As a Hope Vision Foundation intern, she prepares and coordinates speakers, as well as registration and creating handouts for Caregiver Workshops. She enjoys spending time camping, traveling, and exploring all of the many outdoor activities available to us here in the Pacific Northwest.
    JoAnn Egan, RN
    As a nurse, JoAnn Egan sees patients facing visual impairment as they struggle with maintaining independence, confidence, and livelihood. JoAnn joined Hope Vision Foundation to help patients make the most out of their vision, to be independent as possible, and to stay active in their workplace, church, hobbies and at home.
    Erin Rumer
    Erin was born almost totally blind, but this only inspired her to live life to its fullest. In fact, her favorite sport growing up was downhill skiing, which she started at 10 years old and has even done competitive racing. Graduating with honors from the University of Oregon, Erin received her B.Ed. in Family and Human Services. She has worked as a Training Class Specialist at a dog guide school and now focuses her attention on raising her two boys. Erin is outgoing and enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise at Hope Vision Foundation events. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, and exploring the Northwest with her husband and two boys.
    Mary Ferris
    Marsha Frank
    As an Adult Basic Education Teacher, Marsha worked for 20 years at South Puget Sound Community College. She taught GED, ESL, and Basic Education. Many of my students had a tough time as teens and some had learning difficulties. It was her mission to show them that they could be successful learners and move ahead toward a worthy goal. In 2007 she married Joseph Kurina who was a blind rehabilitation specialist at the Veterans Administration. His passion for vision rehabilitation was contagious and has inspired Marsha to work with Hope Vision Foundation.
  • Our Advisory Board
    Salisha Francis
    As a healthcare professional, Salisha's passion for connecting patients to exemplary care and resources drives her commitment to Hope Vision Foundation. Salisha looks forward to aiding the low-vision community and their caregivers in maximizing the resources this organization provides.
    Michelle Toy
    Michelle “Mell” Toy has worked for over 10 years in blind rehabilitation, including at the Washington State Department of Services for the Blind, Veterans Administration, and Sight Connection. She is the assistant director for the Northwest ADA Center, and has certifications in orientation and mobility and low vision therapy.
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