Happy Thanksgiving from Hope Vision Foundation

What are you grateful for today?

Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving from Hope Vision Foundation.   Thanksgiving message The holidays are a bit overwhelming for people who are blind or have low vision. Going grocery or gift shopping can be a challenge on a regular day. Add the holidays to the mix and it can be… Read more »

Using technology

Accessibility Tips Every Company Should Implement 

Digital accessibility ensures that technology and online content can be accessed by individuals of all abilities. Approximately 12 million people in the USA aged 40 and over, face visual disabilities, highlighting the need for accessible digital experiences. Despite these numbers, as of 2022, a mere 3% of the internet is accessible to people with disabilities…. Read more »

Stories of Vision Blog Series main picture

Stories of Vision -Interview with Jenelle Landgraf

Dr. Erin Seefeldt, President of Hope Vision Foundation, spoke with Jenelle Landgraf of Peaks & Valley Healing.  Read their interview below on what led Jenelle to work with people dealing with vision loss.       Jenelle Landgraf, MSW, LSWAIC Erin: How did you decide to be a social worker? Jenelle: From an early age,… Read more »

Give Big Washington 2023

Give the Gift of Hope! May 2 -3, 2023

Give Big Washington 2023 Get that Giving Feeling when you Give the Gift of Hope!  There’s a good feeling we get when we show up for others, whether it’s a family member, a neighbor, or a local nonprofit we care about.     And it’s not just about good-feels — volunteering or donating money to… Read more »

Writing Challenges With Low Vision

Do you struggle with writing lists, finding items at the grocery store, or reading your favorite books? These are common writing challenges, and you may have questions. We have solutions to help! Contact us today! Low Vision Writing Utensils When choosing writing utensils, the key is to experiment with different products to find out what… Read more »

Assistive Technology braille keyboard

Role of AssistiveTechnology in Improving Quality of Life

Approximately 12 million American adults aged 40 and above live with a visual impairment, including blindness and low vision. Vision loss is linked to further risks of physical and mental health. It can increase a person’s risk of falls and can cause loneliness, social isolation, fear, and anxiety. The deterioration of vision, or complete vision loss,… Read more »

The 7 Best Apps For People With Low Vision And Blindness

While visual impairment is a reality for many, it doesn’t need to be a hindrance. We understand how challenging simple tasks like preparing meals, running errands or watching TV can feel frustrating and complicated. Thankfully, there are new innovations and tech helping people with low vision adapt to the evolving world around them. In this… Read more »

February: Low Vision and Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month

February is Low Vision and Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month. It’s a mouthful and an eyeful so you know it’s important! If you or someone you care for has low vision or AMD, here’s what you need to know.    What is Low Vision? Low vision is when someone has difficulty seeing even with glasses, contacts,… Read more »

7 Things to Expect at the Tacoma Vision Fair in February

February might be known as the month of love but it’s also a month dedicated to spreading awareness about low vision and macular degeneration.    To do our part, we’re bringing you the first in-person Hope Vision Foundation event of the year – the Tacoma Vision Fair! This is the perfect event for people with… Read more »

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Stories of Vision – Hayley Agers

Stories of Vision This is the second installment of Stories of Vision.  We are fortunate to know and work with amazing people who have overcome what could have been debilitating vision loss.  Stories of Vision will tell their stories in their own words.  This story is from Hayley Agers.  We are honored to share her story… Read more »

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