Stand up for vision on givingtuesday


This is #MyGivingStory for #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back.  This is the story of why I helped start Hope Vision Foundation with my sister Dr. Erin Seefeldt.

Thanksgiving Table

3 Things To Do for Your Low Vision Loved One on Thanksgiving

  Simple Changes You Can Make on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a day when we get together with our friends and family and share great food, joy and harmony. Right? Ok, maybe it’s not always joy and harmony, and sometimes the turkey is a bit dry. But, while I can’t keep Uncle Bob from talking about… Read more »

US Flag

Recognizing Our Veterans

In November we recognize the sacrifices that military service members have made for the people and country that they love. This month as part of our outreach efforts Hope Vision Foundation visited Patriots Landing in Dupont, Washington. This Veteran’s Living Community offers multiple levels of support including independent and assisted living and memory care environments. Veterans can… Read more »

Hope Vision Foundation receives South Sound 100 Giving Circle Donation

South Sound 100 makes Hope Vision Foundation its choice for the October, 2017 Giving Circle Donation   Board members Erin Seefeldt, Shannon Forslin and Executive Director Genevieve Rodgers attended the South Sound 100 Women‘s quarterly event last week, October 3, 2017.  If you haven’t heard of South Sound 100 they are a group of women… Read more »

Using technology

Computer Accessibility

Built-In Accessibility Features Technology is everywhere. Everyone has some type of a device, whether that be a computer, tablet or smart phone. Small fonts and bright screens can hurt the eyes and make reading difficult for even those with the best vision.  Because of this, it can be frustrating, and almost impossible, for people with… Read more »

Doctor Speak Blog Series

Doctor Speak: Doctor’s Orders

Questions to take to your next appointment Doctor’s Orders is the first in our Doctor Speak series. Sometimes when you go to the doctor it seems that the doctor is speaking a completely different language; I call it “doctor speak.” Doctor speak is what we learn in medical school. But, I find myself reminding the… Read more »

Why Hope Vision Foundation?

Story of Hope Vision Foundation As with many beginnings, Hope Vision Foundation started with a simple conversation. It started with two sisters, Erin Seefeldt and Genevieve Rodgers-Llerena, talking about their day. Erin had to tell another patient that they had vision loss and that there was nothing more that she could do to help them…. Read more »

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