Cooking Safely

Cooking Safely for People With Low Vision or Blind

  You Can Cook Safely   You do not have to give up cooking for yourself or your family, if this is something you have enjoyed. I give you my tips for cooking safely in this article. Get started with your Care Partner, or caregiver, to organize and set up your kitchen in a way… Read more »

Picture of tax documents in an open folder

Tax Considerations for the Blind

Did you know that there are special tax considerations if you are blind? Tax time is around the corner.  You should know that there are special tax considerations if you are blind or have low vision.  We answer common tax questions below and provide tools and services to help you or your loved one with… Read more »

Military person with the sunset in the background and the words Happy Veterans Day

Vision Loss and Veterans

You have served our country, now we serve you. On Veteran’s Day we take time to acknowledge the sacrifice and dedication of our service members and their families. At Hope Vision Foundation Veterans and their families hold a special place in our hearts. Our board has three military veterans and three experts who served in… Read more »

Stories of Vision Blog Series main picture

Stories of Vision – Christi Sobieski

Stories of Vision Welcome to the first installment of Stories of Vision.  We are fortunate to know and work with amazing people who have overcome what could have been debilitating vision loss.  Stories of Vision will tell their stories in their own words.  Our first story is from Christi Sobieski.  We are honored to have… Read more »

Doctor Speak Blog Series

Doctor Speak – Glaucoma Awareness

Glaucoma is a major cause of irreversible vision loss worldwide. Hope Vision Foundation reminds you that early detection and treatment can help protect your sight.

Increasing the Accessibility of your Website

This article was originally published by Genevieve Rodgers and PEMDAS Business Solutions.  It has been posted here because it gives tools and tips that all businesses can use to increase the accessibility of their website for vision impaired consumers and patients.     Increasing accessibility of your website for the vision impaired Sometimes what you do… Read more »

Sighted Guide Techniques

The use of a sighted/human guide by visually impaired people is a quick and easy way to get from place to place safely. This is a quick tutorial with specific techniques for being a sighted guide. Ask first As the sighted guide, first offer the visually impaired person assistance.  Ask if assistance is as a… Read more »

Doctor Speak Blog Series

Doctor Speak: Give Your Eyes Some Love

How can you show your eyes some love?  February is a great time to show your eyes some TLC.   Patients often ask me how they can protect their eyes.  So here are my top 7 ways to care for your eyes. #1  Eye Protection –  Wear eye protection when doing yard work, using power… Read more »

Doctor Speak Blog Series

Doctor Speak: Gene Therapy

Gene therapy study shows potential for treating blindness Gene Therapy is the second in our Doctor’s Speak Series:  At the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s 121st Annual Meeting, researchers presented the results of efforts to treat a certain kind of blindness called Leber’s Congenital Amarousis (LCA) using gene therapy.  Patients with this disease are born missing a… Read more »

Stand up for vision on givingtuesday


This is #MyGivingStory for #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back.  This is the story of why I helped start Hope Vision Foundation with my sister Dr. Erin Seefeldt.

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