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Writing Challenges With Low Vision

Do you struggle with writing lists, finding items at the grocery store, or reading your favorite books? These are common writing challenges, and you may have questions. We have solutions to help! Contact us today! Low Vision Writing Utensils When choosing writing utensils, the key is to experiment with different products to find out what… Read more »

Assistive Technology braille keyboard

Role of AssistiveTechnology in Improving Quality of Life

Approximately 12 million American adults aged 40 and above live with a visual impairment, including blindness and low vision. Vision loss is linked to further risks of physical and mental health. It can increase a person’s risk of falls and can cause loneliness, social isolation, fear, and anxiety. The deterioration of vision, or complete vision loss,… Read more »

Cooking Safely

Cooking Safely for People With Low Vision or Blind

  You Can Cook Safely   You do not have to give up cooking for yourself or your family, if this is something you have enjoyed. I give you my tips for cooking safely in this article. Get started with your Care Partner, or caregiver, to organize and set up your kitchen in a way… Read more »

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