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Role of AssistiveTechnology in Improving Quality of Life

Approximately 12 million American adults aged 40 and above live with a visual impairment, including blindness and low vision. Vision loss is linked to further risks of physical and mental health. It can increase a person’s risk of falls and can cause loneliness, social isolation, fear, and anxiety. The deterioration of vision, or complete vision loss,… Read more »

Increasing the Accessibility of your Website

This article was originally published by Genevieve Rodgers and PEMDAS Business Solutions.  It has been posted here because it gives tools and tips that all businesses can use to increase the accessibility of their website for vision impaired consumers and patients.     Increasing accessibility of your website for the vision impaired Sometimes what you do… Read more »

Using technology

Computer Accessibility

Built-In Accessibility Features Technology is everywhere. Everyone has some type of a device, whether that be a computer, tablet or smart phone. Small fonts and bright screens can hurt the eyes and make reading difficult for even those with the best vision.  Because of this, it can be frustrating, and almost impossible, for people with… Read more »

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