Recognizing Our Veterans

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In November we recognize the sacrifices that military service members have made for the people and country that they love. This month as part of our outreach efforts Hope Vision Foundation visited Patriots Landing in Dupont, Washington. This Veteran’s Living Community offers multiple levels of support including independent and assisted living and memory care environments. Veterans can suffer from vision loss due to combat injuries in addition to common eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Vision Rehabilitation is critical maximizing our veterans independence after vision loss.

In the South Sound we are fortunate to have one of few blind rehabilitation centers in the VA system. The blind rehab center (BRC) offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to assist veterans with vision loss. American Lake VA BRC has an experienced vision rehabilitation team including a low vision optometrist, certified low vision therapist, orientation and mobility specialist, and an adaptive aids specialist.  

The multidisciplinary team approach is a great example of how a holistic approach to Rehabilitation can restore quality of life for our veterans with vision loss.  Services include counseling, low vision services and recreational services. At BRC veterans can learn how to continue to enjoy their hobbies like woodworking. They learn to leveraging technology to assist in reading and other daily activities.

One of the goals of Hope Vision Foundation is to provide vision rehabilitation services to veterans when wait times are long for outpatient vision rehabilitation.  In addition, Hope Vision Foundation seeks to provide services to the spouses and family members who have supported our veterans and do not qualify for services through the Veterans Administration. On #GivingTuesday please consider a donation to our Vision Rehabilitation program. You can make a difference in the lives of our veterans and their families.

A special thanks to all the veteran Hope Vision Foundation Volunteers and our veteran family and friends.

Learn more about vision support to veterans on Hope Vision Foundation’s website and through the following national links.

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