Education and Outreach

Committed to Vision Education and Outreach 

There are 2.9 million people in the US dealing with low vision, permanent vision loss.  Low vision hits 1 in 28 people. It’s likely that you know at least one person who is living with permanent vision loss.  It’s also likely that he or she has not received vision rehabilitation or education about her vision loss.

Vision rehabilitation helps people adapt to vision loss and maintain their current lifestyle. A vision rehabilitation program offers a wide range of services, including training in the use of magnifiers and other devices, ways to complete daily living skills safely and independently, guidance on modifying residences, and information on where to locate resources and support.  Only 1.4% of people with low vision receive vision rehabilitation.

We know that a large part of  improving vision care is awareness. Because of this, we are committed to educating the community and local physicians about low vision and it’s treatment. Most people have heard of vision screening for kids, injury prevention and medical and surgical eye care. However, many have not heard about low vision care and vision rehabilitation. Our goal is to spread the word about vision rehabilitation and to demonstrate the benefits throughout the community.


We provide education to patients, family members, eye care professionals and the community through our website, educational materials, and outreach events. To request educational materials please contact us.


We are fortunate to have a very experienced outreach team. Outreach events are great for community centers, senior centers, retirement communities or assisted living homes. We provide staff inservice events to discuss how to care for patients with vision loss. We also provide vision screening and device training. These are important in helping people to see how vision rehabilitation and adaptive aides may improve their quality of life. To Request a workshop or educational activity contact us.